Millers Flat School Values

The vision and valued outcomes defined for all our children are linked to ‘The Bridge to the Future’ and associate with the ikon of our local blue bridge over the Clutha River to Millers Flat. The spans of the bridge represent the four values most important to us:

  • Solve Problems - use initiative, question, innovate, create and be critical. Deal with change and setback and set evaluate.

  • Take Risks - be willing to take risks, learn from mistakes and use different strategies to make changes. Be courageous and innovative. Believe in yourself.

  • Achieve - show an awareness of opportunities and potential. Strive for high achievement and excellence. Be proud.

  • Respectful of Others - treat others as you want to be treated recognising that others may think differently. Be an active listener and use good manners.

Through our influence here at Millers Flat School, we aim to guide our students to be STAR's (acronym).

  • We also value continuous opportunity to consult, communicate and involve our wider community in the life of our school.